It Takes Guts To Be This Radical


Some people do not like to obey the rules… These compilation is just about such people.


Christina Aguilera Through The Years


Let’s take a look at Christina Aguilera changing through the years.


Demotivators Picdump


A fresh compilation of hilarious demotivator posters for you… Enjoy!


Photobombs. Part 1


Another great post with several hilarious photobombs. Have fun.


Boat crash


Funny boat crash


At the Right Moment


Stunning photos that were taken at the right moment.


How Vintage Movie Posters Would Look Like Now


How would old movie posters look like, if they were shot today.


Made in China


In major Chinese cities abound in hidden outlets where darkness evades visit even foreign tourists. It is here that people are looking for cheap famous fashion house clothes, accessories, electronics and home appliances fakes. However, these products only at first glance looks like the original. Closer look shows that the Chinese businessmen ingenuity knows no boundaries, and laws prohibiting sales copied, signs – invalid. This is why the “Puma” becomes “Tuna” and “KFC – KLG”.


Amazing Extreme Photos


At the edge of the world.


Pet Grizzly Bear


An 18-year-old grizzly bear Billy lives with a Vancouver family as a pet. His favorite food is jam and he loves swimming in the backyard



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