Animals at the beach


Animals acting crazy at the seashore. Funny and unexpected situations.


Funny friendship between wiener dog and crab


Sometimes we can find funny and unexpected friendships around the world. In this video a wiener dog tries to play and communicate with a crab!


Super moon walk


Look how E. Nash is simply sliding the rain soaked street.

21 seconds tured a complicated dance step style dancer overcomes the section of approximately 50 meters.


Can you spot a cat?


Find out where is a cat in this crowd of people.


Funny situations


Funny situations from everyday life. You cannot know what will happen!



People are crazy


Some people are just ridiculous sometimes. They often loose their heads and do crazy things. Must see!


Funny cats will make you smile


Cute and affectionate cats in strange situations.


Celebrity ladies bearded


Here are some celebrity ladies with beards.  Some of them quite suits a beard. Maybe next summers fashion?


Before and after celebrities with enlarged breasts


Album of photos with celebrities who breast size changed a lot over years. Enjoy nice view :)


10 animals which perfom as human


Look how funny dog and cats can look  when they are clothed like human :D


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