42 Weird and Strange Photos


These photos are rather hard to understand without any explanation. But do we need it? – No! Let’s just laugh at these controversial situations.


25 Funniest Haircuts in The History of Sports


A lot of effort but poor look…


21 Absolutely Strange Topics on US TV Shows


There are a lot of weird TV shows in the US. They discuss strange and hilarious topics. Here are some of them that will definitely make you laugh!


20 Hungry Politicians


Politicians work hard for their country and sometimes get very hungry! Here are some of them caught eating.


What’s a Celebrity Make Under?


Imagine how celebrities would have looked if they had led a more normal life and you will understand what artist Danny Evans did with these celebrity Make Unders, as he calls them.


Full Names of 26 Celebrities


Did you know that the full name of famous singer Pink is Alecia Beth Moore? Find out more real celebrity names!


Chinese Man Turned Traffic Into Chaos


The man made traffic into chaos by jumping onto moving vehicles. The suspect arrived on scene in the Chinese city of Hefei dressed in his boxer shorts and very soon began to climb on the sides of vehicles and even lick windscreens.


Selena Gomez Timeline


Selena Gomez is a popular actress and singer. Here are some photos of her growing up from a child to a woman.


31 Examples of Laziness


To do or not to do something? This is a question that bothers a lot of creatures all around the world. Here are some funny examples of laziness.


Celebrities before and after photoshop


Photoshop can do us average folks a great deal of good in photos, but that also goes for celebrities. See how these celebs look after a few swipes of various Photoshop tools.


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