Meanwhile in Russia…


Russia is a one of the largest countries in the world. Sometimes it is hard to understand Russians for their strange behavior.


Perfectly Trained Dog


This is a perfectly trained Labrador Retriever dog. The dog is super helpful to it’s disabled master. Animal helps to buy groceries, to do the dishes, even to take money from the ATM!


Locked wheel is not a problem


This guy knows how to cope with locked wheels. He can park his car wherever he wants!


How a man became a women


This Is What Estrogen Can Do. Estrogen is a female hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristics.
It can turn a man into a woman.
This guy looked like this before the drug.


Wedding Celebration


One of the craziest wedding celebrations.


18 Beautiful Girls Making Ugly Faces


These girls like to make fun on themselves. They make funny faces and compare them to the ordinary ones. Would you start a conversation with the girl if you saw the ugly photo of her first?


Celebrity Fails


Look how funny celebrities can dress up and look like.


15 Strangest houses around the world


Some people are living strange and unusual lives. They even decide to build strange and bizarre houses. Here are 15 of them around the world.


Funny construction mistakes


Construction requires a certain level of pre-thought that a common construction worker simply cannot handle, which can lead to some hilariously funny construction solutions.


Why do drivers need to be cautious?


This story shows that no one should let themselves distracted on the road.



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