Celebrity Fails


Look how funny celebrities can dress up and look like.


Celebrities in fat suits


Sometimes celebrities have to play roles that require some extra fat on their bodies. At some roles they have to weight over 300 pounds (around 136 kilograms), and they perfectly cope with such a tricky task.


Controversial moments from celebrities lives


Celebrities also are human beings like us. They often do strange and rather controversial things. Most of these acts are caught on camera. Let’s see them!


Do you know how teen celebrities from childhood look like today?


These people used to be the TV-stars when they were teens, but as years have gone by many of them have changed completely.


Celebrities who should get shaved


Even though facial hair is considered to be a sign of manhood, some celebrities would look much better if they got shaved their beard and mustache.


Huge collection of drunk celebrities


A Little Too Much Booze for These Celebrities. These celebrities were not at their best when these photos were taken, but they sure were having a blast.


Before and after celebrities with enlarged breasts


Album of photos with celebrities who breast size changed a lot over years. Enjoy nice view :)


Celebrities without make-up


Celebrity photos with and without make up. Not as expected?


Celebrities in unexpected way


Celebrities in funny and unexpected situations that make you laugh.


Nicki Minaj


The popular Hip hop artist who won 2012 BET awards as a “Best female Hip Hop artist”. Get an album with her favorite style, do you like it?


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