Ugly Competition in Spain


The selection of pics from the “Concurso de Feos” (Ugly Competition) organized recently in Spain.


They better hope the wind doesn’t change direction.
For if the old wives’ tale is anything to go by, these people will be stuck with their rather disturbing faces.
They were pulling the odd poses as part of an ‘ugly competition’ in the Spanish town of Bilbao.
Contestants were asked to make the ugliest faces they could and do their best to scare the judges with the repulsive features.


Beautiful Girls In Tight Dresses


Sexy girls with great bodies are not shy to demonstrate all their beauty.


Glam Girls From Social Networks


The most beautiful, glamorous and trendy… This is what they think about themselves…
I’m sure, you won’t think that.


Personal Trainer Goes From Ripped to Fat


Personal trainer Drew Manning was in amazing shape, with ripped abs and barely any fat on his body, but he decided to give it up to prove that even he can transform his body. He gained 70 pounds (about 31 kilogram) in 6 months! Look at all the progress. Before and after photos.


Epic Solarium Tan of Young Blond Girl


She was a regular young girl before she decided to go and get her skin tanned in the solarium. Look how her skin changed time by time. She became a dark freak.


21 Absolutely Strange Topics on US TV Shows


There are a lot of weird TV shows in the US. They discuss strange and hilarious topics. Here are some of them that will definitely make you laugh!


Chinese Man Turned Traffic Into Chaos


The man made traffic into chaos by jumping onto moving vehicles. The suspect arrived on scene in the Chinese city of Hefei dressed in his boxer shorts and very soon began to climb on the sides of vehicles and even lick windscreens.


31 Examples of Laziness


To do or not to do something? This is a question that bothers a lot of creatures all around the world. Here are some funny examples of laziness.


Meanwhile in Russia…


Russia is a one of the largest countries in the world. Sometimes it is hard to understand Russians for their strange behavior.


How a man became a women


This Is What Estrogen Can Do. Estrogen is a female hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristics.
It can turn a man into a woman.
This guy looked like this before the drug.


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