Made in China


In major Chinese cities abound in hidden outlets where darkness evades visit even foreign tourists. It is here that people are looking for cheap famous fashion house clothes, accessories, electronics and home appliances fakes. However, these products only at first glance looks like the original. Closer look shows that the Chinese businessmen ingenuity knows no boundaries, and laws prohibiting sales copied, signs – invalid. This is why the “Puma” becomes “Tuna” and “KFC – KLG”.


Amazing Extreme Photos


At the edge of the world.


Personal Trainer Goes From Ripped to Fat


Personal trainer Drew Manning was in amazing shape, with ripped abs and barely any fat on his body, but he decided to give it up to prove that even he can transform his body. He gained 70 pounds (about 31 kilogram) in 6 months! Look at all the progress. Before and after photos.


19 Unbelievable Car Accidents


Strangest car accidents around the world.  

42 Weird and Strange Photos


These photos are rather hard to understand without any explanation. But do we need it? – No! Let’s just laugh at these controversial situations.


21 Absolutely Strange Topics on US TV Shows


There are a lot of weird TV shows in the US. They discuss strange and hilarious topics. Here are some of them that will definitely make you laugh!


Meanwhile in Russia…


Russia is a one of the largest countries in the world. Sometimes it is hard to understand Russians for their strange behavior.