Celebrities before and after photoshop


Photoshop can do us average folks a great deal of good in photos, but that also goes for celebrities. See how these celebs look after a few swipes of various Photoshop tools.


The luckiest man in Russia


A man who avoided death in a car accident, now many call him the happiest man in Russia.
“Russia Today reports that the incident took place in Orenburg (Russia). A half-minute video shows how the bus with 30 passengers suddenly propels truck.
The bus, in order to avoid a collision with a truck, suddenly turns to the right of the Lukoil gas station, the two vehicles collide with other. Surprisingly, a disaster that no one seriously injured.


Pretty girl changed her appearance.


Pretty girl, dont you think so? However, she decided to change his appearance and become more beautiful as she thinks. Try to guess not looking in to other photos which body part she decided to change? This photo is BEFORE surgery.


Huge collection of drunk celebrities


A Little Too Much Booze for These Celebrities. These celebrities were not at their best when these photos were taken, but they sure were having a blast.


Celebrity ladies bearded


Here are some celebrity ladies with beards.  Some of them quite suits a beard. Maybe next summers fashion?


Before and after celebrities with enlarged breasts


Album of photos with celebrities who breast size changed a lot over years. Enjoy nice view :)


I have “great” news for you


The newlywed wife said to her husband when he returned from work, “I have great news for you. Pretty soon, we’re going to be three in this house instead of two.”

Funny Apple technologies


Funny imaginative Apple corporation products.


Nicki Minaj


The popular Hip hop artist who won 2012 BET awards as a “Best female Hip Hop artist”. Get an album with her favorite style, do you like it?