Boat crash


Funny boat crash


Shark Attack On A Peaceful Fishing Day


Just a normal day at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A girl is fishing and suddenly she catches a bigger fish than she expected…


New York City bus driver became a hero – he caught from the third floor falling girl


New York City bus driver suddenly became a hero because he managed to save seven-year-old girl, who accidentally fell through a window in Brooklyn apartment on the third floor.



The luckiest man in Russia


A man who avoided death in a car accident, now many call him the happiest man in Russia.
“Russia Today reports that the incident took place in Orenburg (Russia). A half-minute video shows how the bus with 30 passengers suddenly propels truck.
The bus, in order to avoid a collision with a truck, suddenly turns to the right of the Lukoil gas station, the two vehicles collide with other. Surprisingly, a disaster that no one seriously injured.


Funny friendship between wiener dog and crab


Sometimes we can find funny and unexpected friendships around the world. In this video a wiener dog tries to play and communicate with a crab!


Super moon walk


Look how E. Nash is simply sliding the rain soaked street.

21 seconds tured a complicated dance step style dancer overcomes the section of approximately 50 meters.


Red car


Crazy tuning :D


Crazy truck driver


Trunk driver drives a trunk and dance in the same time.


Grandma beats mercedes


Funny car accident :)


The best car parking ever


Man’s amazing parallel parking job


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